The State of Illinois Vendor Payment Program (VPP) is set in place for qualified vendors with unpaid invoices to finally get paid. Eligible invoices include those that are at least 90 days overdue. Additional criteria apply.

How Vendors Get Paid With the State of Illinois Vendor Payment Program

Enrolling in the State of Illinois Vendor Payment Program is 100 percent free of charge to the vendor. Once an eligible invoice is submitted to a Qualified Purchaser, such as VendorPayment, the vendor can expect to receive payment of the full 100% value of their invoice.

How to Apply for the State Vendor Payment Program

There’s no charge to enroll in the Illinois Vendor Payment Program. If you are an eligible vendor with the State of Illinois and you have an unpaid invoice at least 90 days overdue, you should consider enrolling with to get your invoice(s) paid in a timely manner. Applying through VendorPayment is quick and easy. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Register online at All you’ll need for this first step are your name, company name, phone number, title, company address and EIN.You’ll then be emailed a consent form, which you’ll sign via Docusign. As soon as you review and e-sign it, it’s automatically forwarded to A window will open asking if you want to open a Docusign account. There’s no need to do so unless you want.
  2. You’ll receive confirmation that your account is being reviewed for payment approval.
  3. Once we have confirmation from the State Comptroller’s office we will send you an Assignment Agreement that the State requires to have filed before we can process payment.  Please sign and return that to us.
  4. We will file our intention to pay the invoices with the state and as soon as they give us the approval to do so, we will send you 100% of the invoice value.

The State of Illinois has made every effort to facilitate vendors getting paid by implementing this Program. VendorPayment is proud to be a Qualified Purchaser for the Program.


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