The State of Illinois Vendor Payment Program is ideal for Illinois state vendors who have one or more invoices at least 90 days past due. So far, the program has been a great success. Here are 10 things everyone loves about this program.

  1. Eligible invoices are paid at 100% of the value of the invoices sooner than vendors would get paid directly by the state.
  2. Enrollment and participation in the program for vendors is completely free. Plus, no charge is taken out of the invoice itself. Vendors pay nothing to participate.
  3. The vendor sign-up process is incredibly easy. There’s no legalese to get through; everything is in plain English.
  4. Signing up takes only minutes. Within less than 15 minutes, a vendor can sign up, build a profile and get started submitting invoices for payment. Everything is done online, through the website and through email.
  5. VendorPayment takes care to ensure that submitted invoices are eligible. If a vendor submits an invoice that’s not eligible, there’s no penalty.
  6. Vendors can submit all their overdue State of Illinois invoices. Vendors can then choose which ones they’d like to request payment for. This makes it easy, not having to sort through invoices ahead of time.
  7. The State of Illinois program terms are easy to understand and comply with. Everything is laid out in a neat and organized fashion, so vendors can easily determine if they can participate.
  8. Once invoices are submitted, vendors can track the status of their invoices through their online profile pages at to find out if they are eligible for payment through the program.
  9. An unlimited number of invoices can be submitted for payment through
  10. Vendors are finally able to get cash flow back in the positive through the State of Illinois Vendor Payment Program.

Thanks to this program, vendors can get their grossly overdue invoices paid within a reasonable amount of time. This helps with cash flow, enabling vendors to retain employees, buy needed inventory, and continue supplying quality goods and services to the State of Illinois. If you haven’t enrolled in the program already, now’s the time! Get started today!


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