VendorPayment is a Qualified Purchaser for the

Illinois Vendor Payment Program

The Vendor Payment Program allows you to get paid now. You will receive 100% of the money owed to you at no cost.


Immediate Payments for Illinois State Invoices

Our mission is to provide a transparent and efficient payment solution to the Illinois business community. The State of Illinois created the Vendor Payment Program to address the issue of delayed payments to its vendors. As an approved partner of the State, VendorPayment will pay you 100% of the value of the invoices for the goods and services you have provided to the State. Our application is easy to complete, secure, and does not require a commitment.

A Simple Process


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Receive Confirmation

VendorPayment verifies the invoices with the state.

Get Paid

Once the state confirms and assigns your invoice, you get paid.

Vendor Payment Program Benefits

If you are a vendor with the State of Illinois, we’ve got you covered. Sign up to get paid at NO COST TO YOU.

Your benefits from participating in the Vendor Payment Program include:

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